LED lighting for the consumer

LED lighting is surely the future for homes and businesses. This technology will replace incandescent and fluorescent lighting technologies.

So the average consumer might ask, what is LED lighting?  And what are the benefits?  And, should I upgrade?

More discussion is needed on this subject but here are a few simple answers for now.  I will blog about this subject many more times but this should spark some interest and provide some basic information.

1. LED (Light Emmiting Diode) lighting has been around for quite some time actually, just look at your dash board or that little indicator light on your cell phone, that is LED.  Now however, with alot or research and development it can be used for lighting a whole room, house, or exterior landscape.  I won't get too technical on the science behind it.

2. The benefits include: Huge energy savings, low maintenance (Really long life), no toxic materials, and many different colors to match different applications.  Plus they are even dimmable!

3. Upgrading to LED is still expensive, but for certain applications it is well worth the investment.  Examples of worthwhile investments include outdoor lighting (Especially in hard to reach locations), undercabinet lighting, underwater lights, and lights that are on 24/7. 

Be aware of cheap products in the hardware store and especially online as you may make an investment you are not happy with. If you are considering a lighting project please contact us, our bids include a little education as well.